Attendee Guide

This page contains resources and information for individuals attending this year’s Virtual AGM.  Click each tab to learn more about how different aspects of this year’s meeting will work in an online format.

Important Details

LAW’s 2020 Virtual AGM is an online event spanning 36 hours over all time zones making it possible for all members to participate in their own time zone over a 2-day period. 

Event Begins:  Oct 22 – 12:00 UTC

Event Concludes:  Oct 23 – 23:59 UTC







QuickStart: How to Access the Event

How to access the event

  • The event will open its virtual doors one hour early on 10/22 at 11:00am UTC
  • You can access the event by Clicking Here
    • Please note that you will need to be logged into Hopin to access the event.
      • If you are on the same computer you used to register, you’re probably already logged in.
      • If you are logged out and do not remember your password, select the forgot password option on Hopin’s login page, and enter the email address you used to register.

Pre-Meeting Checklist

  • Review the “Tech Tips/Troubleshooting” tab (on this page). As Hopin works best with different browsers on different devices, this tab contains important information to make sure your device is setup to give you the optimal Virtual Meeting experience.
  • Setup your profile in Hopin.
  • Get to know the different areas of the VAGM’s Hopin page via the “Overview” tab (on this page).
  • Review the different ways you can communicate with other attendees at the VAGM via the “Communication” tab (on this page).


Fallback Stream (Zoom Webinar)

In the event that attendees encounter any issues viewing main stage content on Hopin, we’ve setup an Optional Fallback Stream via Zoom Webinars.  This stream will mirror all programming from Hopin’s main stage in real-time, allowing attendees to view VAGM content without the use of Hopin.

As Zoom Webinars are limited to 24 hours, the fallback stream has been broken into two Zoom Webinar Events.

LAW VAGM Fallback Stream – Part 1

10/22 11:00am UTC – 10/23 10:00am UTC

LAW VAGM Fallback Stream – Part 2

10/23 10:00am UTC – 10/24 10:00am UTC

A link to both Webinars will be emailed to all attendees, as well as posted on the Hopin Reception Page.

Please note that the stream will only broadcast the main stage of Hopin, and will not include programming being held in other areas of Hopin, such as networking and break-out rooms.



Replays of presentations will be made available in the “Expo” tab on Hopin shortly after the last live broadcast.

Reception Area

After logging into Hopin and entering the meeting, you’ll find yourself in the reception tab.  Check here for meeting information such as important announcements, and the day’s schedule.  From here, you’ll be able to jump to all of the meeting’s main areas.  You can also add any event from the schedule to your calendar with the push of a button.


Main Stage

The stage tab is where the majority of this year’s General Sessions will be held, and allows attendees to view presentation broadcasts, ask questions during live Q&A sessions, and participate in the group chat will other attendees.



The Sessions tab is a collection of virtual chat rooms, where attendees can gather to attend break-out sessions, and partake in video, audio, or text based chat.



The networking tab allows attendees to participate in speed networking sessions, where members are randomly paired with other attendees for 3 minute video chat sessions.



The Expo tab will host on-demand content, such as event replays and leadership candidate information.  You’ll also be able to view this year’s Champions of Innovation finalists, along with Member Spotlights.


There are multiple ways to chat and connect at this year’s Virtual Meeting:

  • Event chat — this tab shows the global event chat where all participants can post messages.
  • Session chat — each session in Sessions has its own chat room. Attendees who are off-camera can chat in the session chat to interact with people on camera and vice-versa.
  • Direct Messages — anyone can send messages to an individual at the meeting via DMs in the People tab. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat with in the People tab, click their profile photo, and send a direct message to them.
  • Private Video Chat — When Viewing an attendee’s profile, you can invite them to a private video chat.  This will generate a link to a private video chatroom.

Attendee Quick Reference Guide (Troubleshooting Tips)

  • Join from a compatible browser. Hopin works best on Chrome or Firefox.  Pro tip: Make sure your browser is up to date.
  • Check your internet speed and network.  We recommend a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload. Ideally, we like to see 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for the best quality – test your speed here
  • If you are using a VPN (network) or device provided by your employer, ensure your device can access and share your camera and microphone on.
  • Ensure you can access You may have to check with your IT department if using a device or network provided by your employer.
  • Restart your computer before joining the event. This ensures that there are no other video applications holding onto audio or video for any reason.
  • Please use headphones when participating on-screen.  This will help eliminate echo and feedback.

Unable to Access Hopin and Have No Access to a VPN?

  • The LAW Virtual AGM is being held on an online event platform called Due to the nature of international broadcasting, you may not be able to access the Hopin platform in your area.
  • In an effort to maintain accessibility, LAW will be simulcasting the Virtual AGM as a Zoom webinar, so that our international viewers will have full access to all main stage content from the event. This Zoom webinar stream will be made available to all registered attendees in the case that you are not able to access Hopin in your area. We look forward to having you at the event!

Events on Hopin can be accessed by Attendees with Mobile devices (phones and tablets) on the following browsers:


Google Chrome

iOS, iPadOS (Apple)


Note: There is no dedicated app for desktops or mobiles on the Stores, no downloads are required.

Webcam Tips

As long as you have access to a computer with a webcam and microphone, you have everything you need to participate in the video networking at this year’s meeting.  But to help you look and sound your best, here are a few tips and best practices we recommend when presenting online.


  • Make sure you setup in a private or quiet room, free from distractions, and with a reliable internet connection.
  • Avoid sitting in front of bright backgrounds (such as windows).  This can cause your camera to automatically dim the image, making you harder to see.  Instead, try and position a light source in front of you, so you are well lit, and the center of attention.
  • Speaking of backgrounds, remember that people can see what’s behind you.  Make sure what they can see is clean, and non-distracting.
  • Camera placement has a big impact on how you look during a video conference.  Position your camera or laptop screen on a sturdy surface (not your lap) with the camera around eye level.
  • Before appearing on camera, close any unnecessary windows, tabs or programs that you may have open on your computer.  It also may be a good idea to see if your computer has any pending updates a day or so before your presentation, just in case.
  • When presenting, sit up straight, speak clearly into your microphone, and try to avoid checking yourself out too much on the computer screen, keeping your eyes on the camera.

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